what a day, 2006
Instant sculpture from the series: "Sites of once-in-a-lifetime events"

un nu dans l'escalier, 2006
DVD, Loop

une méthode de voir l'avenir, 2003
Project Modell Q for the Wacker Gallery

la grande surprise, 2002


army, 2002

Printed T-shirt, unlimited edition

From the series 4you, 1996 - 2001

Installation on the wall

.one day, 2000

Video installation

d'après la nature, 1998

Installation with bullet drawing

ma chère, 1997 - 2003

Love letters written on the wall

German idylls, 1997

Plastikeimer, von innen mit verschiedenen Motiven graviert

la vie, 1997

Duratransfotos, Leuchtkasten

  FOUR SEASONS, 1995/96

Video, installation

  the four seasons, 1995

Postcards mounted on wood