what a day, 2006

Panini Alles 280 Panini Ausschnitt 280 Panini Gruppe 280
Instant sculpture from the series: "Sites of once-in-a-lifetime events"
Installation photo, Kassel 2006

Public playground and all 598 backs of the FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 football stickers from the Panini Football Sticker Album 2006 (Numbers 0 - 596 + 2 bonus stickers), which were thrown away (and then re-collected) at a playground, following successful completion of the entire collection.




Panini Detail Glueck 280

"luck 2006"
Print behind Plexiglas 95 x 120 cm

6einzel 732

"Detail of back"
Galerie Loyal, Kassel, 2007


Zettelwand 622

"All 598 backs"
twine, paper-clips
Galerie Loyal, Kassel, 2007


Bilder 592

"Front side wall"
Prints behind Plexiglas and electric fan
Galerie Loyal, Kassel, 2007